Hold me, now. It’s hard for me to say I’m sorry.


What a lovely lesson on apologies. What say you, Tumblr?


Something to think about…

When people say ‘they don’t have time’ hear them say ” I don’t see the value.” They just came back from the tanning salon, had their nails done, hair coloured. People have time for what has value to them.

The same holds true for “I don’t have the money.” They have a smart phone in their hand, a flat screen television at home and stopped to buy a latte on the way to meet you.

People have time and they have money for what they see has value.


These aren’t my words but I very much agree with them.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

While I would agree that the vast majority of fanfiction is sub-par (let’s be honest), there are some real diamonds out there.  Dismissing a writer off hand just because they’ve written fanfiction in the past does the reader, or publisher, a massive disservice.  I have read some fanfiction by writers that are equal to, if not better than, the bestselling fiction writers out there.

I hope someday people can get down off their high horses and stop prejudging and dismissing writers simply because they have practiced their writing skills using other people’s characters in the past.  True talent can be found in the world of fanfiction, and more deserve to become published authors for their original work.


Writing a Novel in 12 Stages

From “How To Turn Your First Draft Into a Published Book” by Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson.

Very informative!  Something to bookmark and refer back to.

Here’s ch. 7 of my AU/AH story up. Sorry the updates aren’t coming as fast as they used it, but my muse has been stubborn lately.  Hope you like!  Sorry in advance for the cliffie!   Please review.  xo

Anonymous asked: Would you call yourself a feminist?

I don’t believe men are better than women, or women are better than men.  I think everyone should be treated equally, with equal opportunities. 

"She couldn’t be alone, because being alone meant growing up and owning her responsibilities. It meant discovering who she was outside of a relationship. It meant self-realisation. - The Break-Up by chromeknickers"


This is exactly this ! 

Elena need some single-time to be her true self ! I love this !

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Some great advice here!

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Author’s Corner Interview with fanfiction.net’s Elvishgrrl


Author’s Corner Interview with fanfiction.net’s Elvishgrrl

1. What is your name? Your first name would be wonderful, but I certainly understand if you’re not comfortable with that. If you’re a KW’s author, obviously we already know your full name.  If you’re fan fiction is on an archive website, please include your screen name as well so I can link my readers to your stories. 
  • My fanfiction.net, Twitter, and Tumblr name is Elvishgrrl.  My real name is…

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So I got asked to do an interview for Sandra’s Author’s Corner on her blog. Check it out here if you like.  If you leave a comment you could win a prize.  :)

Another EXCELLENT post-finale summation of the offensiveness that was HIMYM’s last episode.

It was offensive.  I agree with nearly all of this article.

This, basically.

This, basically.


“Ever since Elena (Nina Dobrev) was drawn into the epic love triangle on The Vampire Diaries five seasons ago, there have been zero slumber parties for her and her girlfriends. With her relationship with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) pretty much on the rocks — except for their passionate sex — it seems…